I create digital marketing and communication projects for brands, organisations and

I am a dreamer, i believe in a form of marketing that can generate value in a transparent, ethical and sustainable way that can bring together analysis and creativity for a quality experience: a form of marketing that can move by bringing culture and beauty

I use various touchpoints and formats thanks to aimed actions I optimise interaction in every phase of the process so that online and traditional activities can feed virtuous processes. I work with the design world because it is a privileged place of aesthetic creation and experimentation.


After studying humanities I arrived at marketing and design, worlds which have always
fascinated me.

I am a free thinker and have accumulated various professional experiences before finally starting as a freelancer. I work by objectives and love challenges. I don’t like fixed rules, useless formalities and time wasting. Today I feel that I bring innovation and creative ideas independently throwing myself into every project and trying to give added value with tools that are suited to different objectives. I am curious and collaborative so I love creating networks of different people, environments and skills.

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Design lamp -Insidesign Bologna

I deal with brand identity, content marketing, social media marketing and digital strategy. I collaborate with web and communication agencies and I use a smart, streamlined team to create internet web sites and e-commerce platforms and apps. Thanks to quality content I help with search engine optimisation. Through e-mail marketing and advertising campaigns I work to improve client conversion and loyalty. I propose strategic plans and business solutions with flexible application of various tools (SWOT analysis, targeting, marketing personas, micro-moments, Lean approach). I also write texts for web platforms, blogs, video campaigns and offer training for professionals and companies.

I support companies and professionals with personal branding courses. I actively collaborate on event planning with TEDxReggioEmilia and Bologna Design Week. After participating in the organisation of events for companies in the ceramics and interior design sector for the Fuorisalone in Milan, this year I will be organising my own personal event in via Solferino: Digital Detox Design, an experiential space that brings different brands together and invites us to cleanse ourselves from information overload and disconnect from our digital devices to reconnect with space and matter.

Therefore, if you are looking for ideas for your online presence, you wish to organise a marketing and communication course, you want to improve your brand positioning or promote your business on social networks, here I am.


I was born in Italy, in Emilia, but that is no merit or fault of mine. Just as it is no merit or fault to be born in any other place on Earth.

Even as a child I loved organising, coordinating, bringing different people together and creating deep bonds of friendship. I have not changed in this sense. I have many interests that range from philosophy to linguistics and from jazz music to theatre. It’s quite incredible that I am rather ignorant in all these sectors and yet I am determined to try and understand something about them. I hate convictions that pose limits, but I have many of them myself. I want to learn something new every day and sometimes I go to a conference about something i know nothing about, such as astrophysics or neuroscience. I come out very excited because when I move out of my world I see how much else there is.

I have lived intensely for 41 years and obviously I’m not showing my age. I have attended courses on any topic without thinking too much of myself. I have a degree in Communication Science. I was born in a cosmopolitan environment despite being born in a small town thanks to an Esperanto-speaking father and I now live in Reggio Emilia, but I have also lived in Lille, Bolzano, Barcellona, Perugia and Berlin. I feel I am serious but fun at the same time. I hate ties which make me look like I have a bib on, although I love skinny ties. I always have something to say. I am in a civil partnership that was celebrated with a Pastafarian rite.

I am as curious as a monkey and agile (in thought) as a squirrel, a sociable, quick little animal which I have chosen to represent me and has become my logo. It can sniff out opportunities and has great autonomy although it can collaborate when necessary. Some think that it is distracted because, as it stores up food, it drops it in various locations. However, most people don’t know that it is actually sewing seeds, giving back, enriching the earth that sustains it and with the certainty that more fruit will come to nourish it and that, thanks to this forgetfulness, other plants will spring up.

That is what I would like to be: a curious, collaborative, determined animal that is fun and generous and does not clearly separate private and professional life because it simply doesn’t feel the need.

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