InputIdea is a digital marketing agency based in Reggio Emilia. It enhances the commercial capacity of local retail realities with the development of web platforms and integrated communication plans. It is a Web agency with a technological heart at the service of territorial productive and commercial activities. We use digital marketing to create new in-store and online shopping experiences. 

Our collaboration with InputIdea goes beyond consulting. In fact, we have woven deep bonds and share long-term goals, values and vision. We have built a close-knit and creative team with specific technical skills and are able to support important clients nationwide. 

The new headquarters has also become a classroom for an in-house Academy. In fact, we are evolving according to a learning organization model in which each person can learn and share knowledge, operating methods, reflections. 

InputIdea is not just an agency but a professional project in which we combine different elements, in a continuous process aimed at improving ourselves, contaminating ideas from different fields and professionals from sometimes very distant sectors.

Attentive to social, environmental, and wellness issues, we develop successful projects from the development of websites and digital platforms to community management.


Rinnovamento piano strategico, selezione personale, ampliamento rete di contatti, revisione modelli di business, new business.


Valorizzazione del percorso di brand activism su sostenibilità ambientale, nuovo sito web, blog su Medium, nuovo logo e immagine coordinata, nuovo piano editoriale, riattivazione Facebook, Linkedin e Instagram, nuova sede con spazi formativi e arredamento uffici in ottica green, sviluppo di rete di collaboratori, attivazione Academy interna, partnership evento TEDxReggioEmilia.


Nuovi clienti, crescita da 1 a 10 dipendenti in un anno, rafforzamento del posizionamento acquisito in continua evoluzione con attenzione a tematiche sociali, diversificazione industry.