Alessio Conti

Alessio Conti
Connecting People

Everyday I try to create value for companies and professionals

I work in marketing, I am neither an academic nor a salesman but I look for a dialogue between different perspectives. Thinking, analysing, connecting people, technologies, ideas: everyday I try to create value for companies and professionals through digital media with a clear, collaborative, sometimes anti-conventional approach.

I’ve read, written, studied. I organize teams to research business development solutions together with an approach that takes into account the complexity of the context, the digital evolution and the challenges faced by the client. I hold courses, workshops and masterclasses directly in the company or with training organisations. I also do personal branding to enhance individual paths and help my clients realize their dreams.

Today I consider myself lucky because I love what I do and I only work with people with whom I feel in tune, with whom I share values, emotions and a desire to experiment. 

I am co-organiser of TEDxReggioEmilia, Bologna Design Week’s events, Fuori Salone and Czech Design Week. Creative director of Digital Detox Design, board member of the CDA of Fondazione ‘Il Correggio’, member of the CNA Reggio Emilia territorial assembly for the centre area, trainer-volunteer for Social Warning – Digital Ethics Movement and volunteer for the ViaRomaZero Association.

I am fascinated by the sea, the life of artists, and the experiences of personal growth. I would talk all night about what we know and how the digital revolution is changing our thinking and behaviour patterns. I like paper books, listening to podcasts, attending events about philosophy, marketing, art and design. Whenever I have some free time I enjoy reading a book, taking a walk outdoor, spending time with friends, volunteering, or having a gintonic.

More than 40 years lived intensely and still looking fabulous! I have taken courses on any subjects without believing in them too much. I have a degree in Communication Sciences, I continued my studies in Philosophy in Bologna and am now attending a master’s degree course at the Faculty of Psychology of Padua

Born and raised in a cosmopolitan environment despite living in a small town thanks to an Esperantist father, I now live in Reggio Emilia after I lived in Lille, Bolzano, Barcelona, Perugia and Berlin. I consider myself serious but not rigid. I hate ties, and love stilettos. Words are important. I married the love of my life with a Pastafarian rite.

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Fondazione Il Correggio
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